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Do you want to capture moments with loved ones that will last a lifetime? These moments can be special or unique — a newly engaged couple celebrating new beginnings, a married couple celebrating an anniversary, or a family celebrating the arrival of newborn. They can also be everyday moments — a trip to the zoo, an afternoon in the backyard, or a walk to the neighborhood playground. Photography sessions don’t have to be limited to specific milestones. Captured memories of your child playing in a sandbox with their favorite superhero cape or of a child snuggling with a parent on the couch to read their favorite story will be a welcomed reminder of a wonderful childhood as your little one gets older.

I’m excited to tell your family's story in an honest, open, and meaningful way. My goal is to capture the “perfectly imperfect” — images that excite your heart and remind you of the little details that make each person in your family unique. 

My desire is to document every member of your family as they interact and enjoy being together. This includes hugs, laughter, kisses, and even toddler meltdowns — everything is fair game! Sometimes the best moments are the ones that happen in-between. They are surprising, real, and beautiful. They tell the story of you.

And the best part? No requiring kids to say cheese, no asking them repeatedly to look at the camera, and no requiring them to stay still in a particular spot for any length of time. I’ll capture who they are, wherever they are, so that you can be in the pictures with your kids and have photographs to remind you of the magic of their childhood.

I’d love to work with you. Contact me and let’s get started!


meet Ore


My name is Ore Adesina, and I’m a photographer based in Oklahoma City specializing in lifestyle and documentary inspired photography.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It can be daunting to attend your first photo session when you don't know what to expect. I've put together a list of the most commonly asked questions I receive from my clients so you know exactly what to expect from our session together.

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Let's Connect

Ready for a photo session to capture images of your unique family that you'll cherish for years to come? Fill out and submit the form below or email me directly at ore@oreadesina.com. I typically respond within 24 to 48 hours. I would love to hear from you.